Fuji X Secrets

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About X, But Were Afraid to Ask

FujiSECRETSFujifilm “X-Pert” Rico Pfirstinger, the author behind Fuji X Secrets, The Fujifilm X-T3: 150 X-Pert Tips, Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1The Fujifilm X-E2: Beyond the ManualThe Fujifilm X-T1: 111 X-Pert TipsThe Fujifilm X-T10: 115 X-Pert TipsThe Fujifilm X-Pro2: 115 X-Pert Tips, The Fujifilm X-T2: 120 X-Pert Tips, The Fujifilm X-T20: 125 X-Pert Tips and The Fujifilm X100F: 101 X-Pert Tips has answers (use code XPERT40 for a 40% discount). He knows what makes Fujifilm’s mirrorless X-series cameras special, even quirky at times. He also knows a plethora of tips and can give you practical instructions that will enable you to fully explore the capabilities of your X camera.

Fuji X Secrets workshops typically extend over two days. As theory meets practice, you will experience light-bulb moments. Small groups with a maximum of seven delegates ensure an engaging and collaborative atmosphere with plenty of interaction. We are going to have fun.

Logo FUJIFILMSchool sw_Kooperation_SloganEach workshop is different, as the delegates play an important role in steering it ahead. Your existing knowledge and what you want to learn determine what topics Rico is going to dwell on. Here’s an article explaining key topics that we can cover.

Who are you? Fuji X Secrets is tailored to (existing and prospective) users of the following X camera models: X-Pro1, X-E1, X-M1, X-A1, X-A2, X-A3, X-A5, X-A7, X-E2, X-E2S, X-E3, X-E4, X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4, X-T10, X-T20, X-T30, X-S10, X-T100, X-T200, X-Pro2, X-Pro3, X-H1 and all GFX cameras, as well as X70, X100, X100S, X100T, X100F and X100V. However, users of the compact XF10, X20, X30 and XQ1/XQ2 models will also benefit from this offer.

Rico Pfirstinger studied communications and has been working as journalist, publicist, and photographer since the mid-80s. He has written a number of books on topics as diverse as Adobe PageMaker and sled dogs, and produced a beautiful book of photographs titled Huskies in Action. He has spent time working as the head of a department with the German Burda Publishing Company and served as chief editor for a winter sports website. After eight years as a freelance film critic in Los Angeles, Rico now lives in Germany and devotes his time to digital photography and compact camera systems. He also writes the popular X-PERT CORNER blog.

26 Kommentare zu „Fuji X Secrets

    David Schwartz sagte:
    11. Mai 2015 um 17:54

    I’d like to be part of your Fuji secrets workshop. Thanks, David

    Lance Mahuna sagte:
    11. Mai 2015 um 21:07

    Im interested in your workshop….is there a place i can get more details?

      Rico Pfirstinger geantwortet:
      11. Mai 2015 um 21:37

      Those who email me will be notified once registration opens and can then look at the details.

    Dan sagte:
    6. Februar 2016 um 01:06

    Hi Rico, have meanwhile an X-E1 and X-E2, and wanted to buy your books online @ rocky nook. However, the paypal fuss doesn’t meet my needs -any ways to buy straight with the credit card or even better with Amazon Kindle? Thanks Dan

      Rico Pfirstinger geantwortet:
      6. Februar 2016 um 01:21

      Hi Dan, you’d have to ask Rocky Nook about payment methods, or buy it on amazon.com, or at any other online/offline bookshop.

    Damian Brown (@damianbrown) sagte:
    29. Juli 2016 um 21:18

    Hi, any idea when the app will allow an external mic to be the audio source when recording video?

    Art Guertin sagte:
    21. Januar 2018 um 18:56

    I purchased your latest book ‘The FujifilmX100F 101 X-Pert Tips (Rocky Nook)
    Please refer to your illustrations (Parts of the Camera) at least in the PDF I was furnished, the labeling of the parts is totally incorrect. I hope the book, when I receive it does not reflect the same errors.

      Rico Pfirstinger geantwortet:
      21. Januar 2018 um 19:01

      I checked my PDF, and the labeling appears to be correct there.

    John Way sagte:
    17. März 2018 um 10:16

    I purchased your book Fujifilm X Pro2: 115 expert tips. You have published on this site Fujifilm X Pro2 using Firmware 2.00. Will you be publishing using Firmware 3.00 / 3.10?

      Rico Pfirstinger geantwortet:
      17. März 2018 um 10:25

      No. I will do an English blog about the final firmware of the T2, which has pretty much the same additions. A German version of part one is already online.

    Müller sagte:
    4. Juni 2018 um 15:59

    Ich habe schon einige Bücher von Ihnen alles super gut zu lesen. Frage: Gibt es Bücher über die Blitzsysteme von Fuji. Habe diverse Kamera E 30/Xt 1/x-pro 2, komme mit dem kleinen EF-20 oder EF-42 noch am besten zurecht. Das EF X-500 ist ist sicherlich super, komme damit aber in der Gesellschaftsfotografie nicht zurecht. Das Blitzprotokoll TTL von der EF X -500 bei der XT-1 knallt mir den Hintergrund immerzu dunkel auch bei einer 1/30. Gibt es hier Tricks wie mit der EF X-500 richtig umgegangen werden kann. Liebe Grüsse

      Rico Pfirstinger geantwortet:
      4. Juni 2018 um 16:13

      Alle meine Bücher enthalten ein Blitzkapitel, in dem auch auf das Anpassen der Hintergrundlicht- und Blitzlichtkomponenten eingegangen wird. In den neueren Büchern wird dann natürlich auch der EF-X500 und das neue Blitzsystem besprochen.

    Jed Orme sagte:
    12. November 2018 um 18:47

    Do you plan to release a new tips & tricks book for the Fuji X-Tf3 or should I just get your X-T2 one? I just bought the X-T3.

      Rico Pfirstinger geantwortet:
      12. November 2018 um 18:49

      An X-T3 book will come in 2019, after the Fuji X Secrets book. For now, you can certainly use the X-T2 book due the similar nature of both cameras.

        Jed Orme sagte:
        12. November 2018 um 23:16

        Thank you for this information about an X-T3 book. So I just bought your X-T2 one using your site & look forward to your new book. Also really appreciate your Expert Corner discount.

    Dirk sagte:
    30. Dezember 2018 um 15:36

    Hi, will there be a book about the X-T100 in English, soon?

      Rico Pfirstinger geantwortet:
      30. Dezember 2018 um 15:37

      The X-T100 is covered in the Fuji X Secrets book that is available since mid-December.

    Antonio sagte:
    18. April 2019 um 13:34

    hi, do you think you will produce a Fuji GFX 50R ebook? Thank you

      Rico Pfirstinger geantwortet:
      18. April 2019 um 13:37

      All GFX models are already covered in Fuji X Secrets.

    lampmonkey sagte:
    13. November 2019 um 16:17

    Hi Rico, I own all of your previous Fuji based publications, Mastering, X-Pert Tips & X Secrets, which I have enjoyed reading. Can you inform me when your X-T3 Tips will be released please?

    Ashley sagte:
    23. August 2020 um 18:32

    Hi Rico,

    I have just read your kind overview of the X100f some very helpful insights, thanks for creating such a handy user guide.

    One thing which I am trying to resolve, is the bulb setting as I was shooting on Saturday in Greece with heat, but since then the camera started automatically changing all settings and I haven’t been able to return it to its normal mode since! Ideally i’d Like to finish the shoot on Monday and just be able to shoot without the slow bulb setting which isn’t necessary- can you help? Is there even a reset..

    Ps. I’d love to be part of a workshop or do a one on one once I’m back from holiday 😉

    Nick Kennedy sagte:
    8. September 2021 um 17:18

    Hi Rico,

    I’m switching from Nikon to Fujifilm and have just ordered an X-T4 with the 16-80mm Lens. Delivery is a problem right now. Have you written a book on this camera – in German or English? I would really like to read your tips and background infos while I’m waiting.

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