It’s here: Fuji X Secrets – the book

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Happy New Year – it’s finally here: Fuji X Secrets, Rico Pfirstinger’s most comprehensive and insightful book on the Fujifilm X series. With 142 tips and more than 250 figures on almost 400 pages, it will tell you everything you always wanted to know about X, but were afraid to ask.

Fuji X Secrets is the written equivalent of Rico’s popular Fuji X Secrets workshops. It covers all X series cameras from the classic X100 to the state-of-the-art X-T3 and GFX. You will learn previously unknown facts and gain indispensable insights that will help you make the most of your X series camera.

Fuji X Secrets is the result of seven years of in-depth research and experience with X series cameras, and of four years conducting advanced X series workshops in Europe, North America and Asia. It also builds on nine popular camera books that Rico has written on various X series cameras.

Fuji X Secrets is available as an eBook (PDF, iBook & Kindle, you get all three formats together) and as a print edition. Both can be ordered here. There’s also a combo offer that combines the eBook and the print edition.

Click here for more information, comprehensive reading samples (188 free PDF pages) and to order the eBooks, print edition or eBook/print combo, all with a hefty 40% discount. To secure and apply your 40% discount, make sure to enter coupon code XPERT40 during checkout.

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